Paideia Partnership

Connections partners with The Paideia School to collaborate, connect our students, and demonstrate our shared values of acceptance and inclusion of individuals with differences. Paideia faculty members serve on our Board of Directors, teach our students in out-of-school time programs, and mentor our teachers. The various programs we have created together have served to facilitate friendships between students that extend beyond school and will hopefully last a lifetime. Every day, our students prove that differences in thinking, relating, and communicating do not have to be barriers to friendship but rather can serve to create deeper connections and more authentic relationships.

Since our first year, we have connected our students with their neurotypical peers at Paideia through month-long “short term” electives. We have now completed seven of these courses and have another scheduled for May. So far, over 80 students from Paideia have joined CSA students for kickball, four square, bowling, pool parties, talent shows, board games, water balloon fights, and other activities that keep us laughing, learning, and growing together. Dozens more Paideia students have connected with our students through online video chats to discuss issues related to the neurodiversity movement as part of their school’s Neurodiversity Club. Paideia students have also interned with us as part of their cross-age teaching program and joined us on campus for sexual health and education classes. Paideia students attend our school prom, volunteer at our summer camps, join us for social events and fundraisers, and hang out with our students on weekends. The partnership between our schools is truly life-changing.

Read more about our first short term courses here:
The Paideia School Newsletter, March 2017, page 5
Growing Kids Therapy Center blog, October 2017

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