Board of Directors

Connections School of Atlanta, Inc., is governed by a working board whose role is to establish the philosophy, broad goals, and overall policies of the School, as well as to preserve and enhance its assets, including land, buildings, endowments and regular income. The working board members are also responsible for fundraising and development efforts, community outreach, public relations, acquisition of educational materials and equipment, and further educational development.

The Board delegates the management of the school program and its administration to the Head of School.

Pamela J. Basciani, President
Executive, The Coca-Cola Company

Eric Keener, Treasurer, Finance Committee
CPA, Frazier & Deeter

Harrison Mosack, Secretary, Fundraising Committee
Real Estate Agent, Atlanta Fine Homes

Neil Bradley, Risk Management Committee
Lawyer, retired ACLU

Natalie Rogovin, Education Committee
Director of Service Learning, The Paideia School

Roshni Chengappa, Strategic Planning Committee
US Embedded Employer Program Lead, Generation

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